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Poem entirely by Solomon

Super Hero Title is the Title

Superhero fight everything
Fight everything and eat the villain’s lando
Superheroes try to stretch neck
Stretch neck, stretch neck bando
That’s funny, his heado
Type toe

Climbing up staircase
Climbing, climbing
I’m a little raccoon
A good raccoon
A super raccoon
A hero raccoon
Because a superhero raccoon

Spaceman, Electricity Man
What man, grant
Climb up the wish
Because I’m climbing up the wish
I am a person climbing up the wish
Gickety gackety gook
Slippery slidery
I’m sliding down the slippery slide
I’m a super slider
Bickery bidery

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Super Powers by Solomon and Daddy

Wolverine got claws
Cyclops has rays
Venom’s fierce jaws
Tear through sorbets

Super Skrull has fire
Super Skrull can stretch
Super Skrull can punch through Venon
Which causes him to retch

Hulk just smash
Hulk just bash
Hulk has green skin
I hope it’s not a rash

Rash Man is strong
Rash Man bong
Hulk can break through Venom’s tooth
Is that right or wrong?

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The Smartest Thing

During a conversation this morning about who is the smartest superhero, Solomon declared that the smartest thing in the universe is a smarterologist.

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Tall’s Mighty Breakfast

Our hero is from the floor to the ceiling and he can fly.  His name is Tall.  He can do everything.  One day Tall had breakfast.  Actually, everyday Tall has breakfast.  That’s how he gets so tall!  He eats lunch, he eats dinner.  He eats a hundred stuff for lunch, a hundred stuff for dinner and a hundred stuff for breakfast.

One day Tall wanted eggs over easy for breakfast, but only had eighty-three eggs.  So, even though he was still wearing his pajamas, he flew to the food co-op and bought the seventeen more eggs that he needed.  But when he was flying home with his eggs, a goose flew into his pajamas and startled him so he dropped the seventeen eggs.  Luckily, his friend, the Gelatinous Juggler was nearby and caught the eggs and started juggling them.  The Human Torch happened to be flying by and took a quick turn around the cascade of juggling eggs, which hard roasted them on the spot and Tall ate them then and there.  It was so nutritious that Tall grew so tall that he could reach all the way up to where the stars are and his arms went all around the universe.

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A sad story

Solomon wanted to spell the words for today’s story. We sat down at the computer and he told me to write: “B – S – A. What does that spell?” he asked. “Nothing,” I said. Then he spelled “S – A – B. What does that spell?” “Sab, or sahb.” “Is that real?” he asked. “Sahb means cry,” he said. And then the story took off from there.

It has to go sob, sob, sob, sob. Solomon sobs. [Why did Solomon sob?] Solomon was sad, of course. Because a horse. Because of a drorse. Because of a florse. It all goes only rhymes now.
The horse got bitten by a borse. But how did that make Solomon sob? The borse bit the horse and the horse bit Solomon. Then Solomon bit the horse for the horse bitting him. Solomon sobbed just right after the horse bit him. Now say the end.

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Poem written entirely by Solomon

Haha, Baba, Tra Tra, La La, Lochlock
Seebee, Eye Bye, Try Cly,
Dark is snow and Bark is bow
Clark is cloe and lark is low
Picture and Bicture to rhyme

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Spider Discovered in Living Room on Winter Morning

with help from Daddy

It was a spider. It was having a wiggly thing. It had eight legs.

On Wednesday morning at 8:55 AM I was on the heater behind the couch. Then I went to the other couch. That was when I saw the panther thing, the panther picture. On the back of the picture I was surprised to find a spider crouching between the cardboard and the plastic of the frame.

I didn’t know what it was before. I got closer for a better look. I saw two wiggling legs sticking out from under the plastic thing. I went so close I found eight legs. Then eight legs, eight legs, eight legs. I surmised a spider. I thought it was poisonous.

I called upstairs to Mommy. Mommy said, “I’m naked! Tell Daddy!” Then she told Daddy. Daddy called from upstairs, “What!!??” I said, “Come down! There’s something you have to put outside!”

Daddy came and he brought it outside.  Then he came back in.  Then we came to write the story.

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Another alternating line collaborative poem by Solomon and Daddy

Super Skrulls are the strongest bad guys

Green faces lined with malice

We going to take over earth!

And enslave all you pitiful Earthlings!

The Fantastic Four says we can’t have those Skrull guys.

The Super Skrull has all our powers, but we must defeat him!

Push him back up to Earth

And let our battle dissolve in mirth…

Sculpture of Super Skrull, Thing and Human Torch

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Happy Chanuka

Solomon and Daddy made a Chanuka card for Bobe and Grampa:

Because it’s the Festival of Human Torches and Super Skrulls!

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A story about the backyard by Solomon

I see a play structure and everything on our garden and I see other person’s garden and I see a tree and I see and I see every trees and stuff. Maybe a volcano will grow and it will shoot lava. Of course it will. Then maybe a volcano tree will grow. Maybe something harder than lava but not the sun. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe a snake will come. Poison would come. Snake come, poison come, jer jer jum. Maybe if it’s fun enough we can print it out. Everything turned into air. The end.

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