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Tall’s Mighty Breakfast

Our hero is from the floor to the ceiling and he can fly.  His name is Tall.  He can do everything.  One day Tall had breakfast.  Actually, everyday Tall has breakfast.  That’s how he gets so tall!  He eats lunch, he eats dinner.  He eats a hundred stuff for lunch, a hundred stuff for dinner and a hundred stuff for breakfast.

One day Tall wanted eggs over easy for breakfast, but only had eighty-three eggs.  So, even though he was still wearing his pajamas, he flew to the food co-op and bought the seventeen more eggs that he needed.  But when he was flying home with his eggs, a goose flew into his pajamas and startled him so he dropped the seventeen eggs.  Luckily, his friend, the Gelatinous Juggler was nearby and caught the eggs and started juggling them.  The Human Torch happened to be flying by and took a quick turn around the cascade of juggling eggs, which hard roasted them on the spot and Tall ate them then and there.  It was so nutritious that Tall grew so tall that he could reach all the way up to where the stars are and his arms went all around the universe.

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