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Anticipatory Boredom

Solomon just got home from seeing a friend and had earlier expressed concern that he would have nothing to do until going to a birthday party this evening. He flopped into a chair and sighed loudly. I joked that he had been home less than a minute and was already bored to distraction. He said, “It’s anticipatory boredom…Is that a thing?”

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Comedy Routine

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Solomon’s joke book

Q: How much does the United States cost?
A: Nothing. It’s a free country.

Q: What’s a glacier’s favorite food?
A: Ice burger

Q: What do you call an award-winning basement?
A: A best cellar

Q: Why did the police arrest the gambler in a casino?
A: For shooting dice

Q: What’s the fiercest and most boring hotel?
A: The Drag Inn

Q: What killed the most matadors in the civil war (American)?
A: The Battle of Bull Run

Q: What’s the relative of a nap?
A: A napkin.

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Water Burns and Fire Heals

Water burns and fire heals
This nonsense thought can’t be real
You probably hit your head on the sink
So that it gives you trouble to think
Your thoughts are all jumbled
They’re falling, they’ve tumbled

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Solomon and Daddy, collaborative limerick

There once was a boy from Takoma
Who had a quite stinky aroma
   He studied the arts
   Of belches and farts
And was granted a stinky diploma

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Charred Chicken Green Beans Gross!

“WEEEAAAWO”! My sister’s anger twisted and combined with grief.  I was sitting at the table eating the chicken and green beans.  My outraged  sibling Beatrice was going through a stage where she wanted everything her way.  I heard her ear splitting scream! I felt the fork and rubber seat. I ate some chicken and green beans. Beatrice threw her fork with a window shattering wail!

My mom tried to feed Beatrice with the airplane trick but she grudgingly refused. Dad said no dessert until Beatrice ate her food.  she angrily wailed and made it clear that she didn’t want to eat her chicken.  She made a earth shaking shreak.

I thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice to have Beatrice stop screaming and I threatened to eat her food.  She screamed and started eating her food.  I was relieved that I didn’t have to listen to Beatrice screaming anymore.  My parents were also relieved that they had a solution for now!

“   sigh 1 day down will see tomorrow ”

 [Solomon wrote this in school, 3rd grade]

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We Have Power

The seas have power and so does
the wind that blows
and we do, too, to build a peace
full world is where it

Let’s make a place that we can love,
a place that’s nice
from low to above.

For those reasons we will fly,
in power we will stride.
We are the great power
that’s the world’s pride.

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Opposites Poem — The Grave and the Calm

Grave things are beautiful
Stare of a wise man
Heart of determination
Shape of fist
Peace keeper’s will
Straight forward streak
The truth
The fly of a plane

Calm things are beautiful
Play of a boy
Good dreams
Eye gaze traveling
Sun coming down
Peace of the heart

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Beatrice and the firefly

I was carrying Beatrice home and I caught a firefly to show her.  She drew back and said she didn’t like it.  I asked why.  She said it would hurt her.  I said, fireflies won’t hurt you.  She said, “That one will.”

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I love and you you love me
together we’re a symphony
you know me and I know you
so we are very happy

I know you and you know me
together we’re a happy
I love you and you love me
that is why we’re happy

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