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Charred Chicken Green Beans Gross!

“WEEEAAAWO”! My sister’s anger twisted and combined with grief.  I was sitting at the table eating the chicken and green beans.  My outraged  sibling Beatrice was going through a stage where she wanted everything her way.  I heard her ear splitting scream! I felt the fork and rubber seat. I ate some chicken and green beans. Beatrice threw her fork with a window shattering wail!

My mom tried to feed Beatrice with the airplane trick but she grudgingly refused. Dad said no dessert until Beatrice ate her food.  she angrily wailed and made it clear that she didn’t want to eat her chicken.  She made a earth shaking shreak.

I thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice to have Beatrice stop screaming and I threatened to eat her food.  She screamed and started eating her food.  I was relieved that I didn’t have to listen to Beatrice screaming anymore.  My parents were also relieved that they had a solution for now!

“   sigh 1 day down will see tomorrow ”

 [Solomon wrote this in school, 3rd grade]

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  1. Simon says

    That is hilarious,None can eat it but me!Even though I don’t like it!

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