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A sad story

Solomon wanted to spell the words for today’s story. We sat down at the computer and he told me to write: “B – S – A. What does that spell?” he asked. “Nothing,” I said. Then he spelled “S – A – B. What does that spell?” “Sab, or sahb.” “Is that real?” he asked. “Sahb means cry,” he said. And then the story took off from there.

It has to go sob, sob, sob, sob. Solomon sobs. [Why did Solomon sob?] Solomon was sad, of course. Because a horse. Because of a drorse. Because of a florse. It all goes only rhymes now.
The horse got bitten by a borse. But how did that make Solomon sob? The borse bit the horse and the horse bit Solomon. Then Solomon bit the horse for the horse bitting him. Solomon sobbed just right after the horse bit him. Now say the end.

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