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Spider Discovered in Living Room on Winter Morning

with help from Daddy

It was a spider. It was having a wiggly thing. It had eight legs.

On Wednesday morning at 8:55 AM I was on the heater behind the couch. Then I went to the other couch. That was when I saw the panther thing, the panther picture. On the back of the picture I was surprised to find a spider crouching between the cardboard and the plastic of the frame.

I didn’t know what it was before. I got closer for a better look. I saw two wiggling legs sticking out from under the plastic thing. I went so close I found eight legs. Then eight legs, eight legs, eight legs. I surmised a spider. I thought it was poisonous.

I called upstairs to Mommy. Mommy said, “I’m naked! Tell Daddy!” Then she told Daddy. Daddy called from upstairs, “What!!??” I said, “Come down! There’s something you have to put outside!”

Daddy came and he brought it outside.  Then he came back in.  Then we came to write the story.

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