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Poem entirely by Solomon

Super Hero Title is the Title

Superhero fight everything
Fight everything and eat the villain’s lando
Superheroes try to stretch neck
Stretch neck, stretch neck bando
That’s funny, his heado
Type toe

Climbing up staircase
Climbing, climbing
I’m a little raccoon
A good raccoon
A super raccoon
A hero raccoon
Because a superhero raccoon

Spaceman, Electricity Man
What man, grant
Climb up the wish
Because I’m climbing up the wish
I am a person climbing up the wish
Gickety gackety gook
Slippery slidery
I’m sliding down the slippery slide
I’m a super slider
Bickery bidery

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  1. Lance says

    This is really amazing. It’s lyrical and whimsical and weighty at the same time.

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