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A cousin of Solomon’s grandmother (Bobe) died yesterday. Galia was talking to Solomon about calling Bobe to say he was sad about it and see how she’s doing. Solomon had a lot of questions about why he died. Galia said some of his organs stopped working. Solomon asked, “Did his skin stop working?” (He’s heard that skin is the body’s biggest organ.) She explained that it was other organs, his kidneys and heart and that people die when they get very old and that he had a long and happy life. Solomon asked if he went over a rainbow, which is apparently what they tell the kids happens when people die at the Waldorf school he goes to. Galia said that some people think that. Solomon said, “But his bones didn’t go over a rainbow, right?” Galia said, “Right. His soul or his spirit went over the rainbow.” Solomon said, “And his skin.”

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