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Story Solomon wrote for his school teachers

Wons Upon A TIME THER there were two queens, a wizard, a knight, and a multi-man. Miss Tybursky was the queen who ruled over all the land. Miss Carol was the Ninja Queen who sat on the North Pole on her throne. Miss Carol ruled all the water, and there’s actually more water than land, in real life. Miss Perrilo was secretly Harry Potter, the most powerful wizard in the world. And Miss Kim was a knight on horseback. She saved children when they were at school from any danger. One of the kids has lots of names. His name is Solomon Thor Thunderbolt Thumberdolt Don Blake Umos the Great Fighter Mercury Gold and he helped Miss Kim do her work.

One day Solomon’s evil brother, Sigfried Loki Death Rock came to the school to get rid of the children. Then the queens of the school, Miss Tybursky and Miss Carol, called the knight and the multiman, Solomon, to fight the evil Loki Death Rock. Then Loki Death Rock fights with the multiman and the knight. After much fighting and clashing of swords, Miss Kim and Solomon called on Miss Perillo. Miss Perillo was the smartest of all, even actually smarter than Loki. He thought he would just walk facing them, but Miss Perillo knew that she could hide better if she was not face to face with Loki.

The Ninja Queen made all of the water fight Loki. Then Loki got water in his eyes and his nose and in his lungs and he never bothered the children again.

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