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King of the Savers

Another Solomon Story — What do you want to be when you grow up?

A king of the savers.  Savers save people.  Do they have a king? [I don’t think so.] Why?  Then I don’t know if I’ll have a job.  What job will I have if I’m not king of the savers?  You might be wrong because you don’t think so, you just don’t think.  Did someone ever tell you?  [No, no one ever told me that.]  How do you know?  [Because I never heard of a king of the savers.]  Then what should I be?  Maybe I’ll buy some glasses and be the pilot of something.  A pilot of the Air Force.  How do you buy glasses.  [I think you have to have good eyes even without glasses to be a pilot.]  Why? Why? [Because if you’re up in the sky and your glasses break, then how would you land the plane?]  What if you got more glasses?  [You know, that’s a reasonable question.  Maybe they don’t require pilots to have 20-20 vision any more.]  What’s 20-20 vision?  [That when you look at something 20 feet away it looks like it’s 20 feet away and your vision is perfect.]  And they don’t have it anymore?  It’s too long, this story.  When will it stop?  Did you write that?  Even if it’s not in the story.  Do you write everything that I say?  [Yes.]  The End.  Did you write “The End”?  Then that’s the end of the story, because there’s not enough room.

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